Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Wargames of 1939" is released

I've uploaded the final version of "Wargames of 1939", the World War 2 counterpart of Populus Romanus to Google Play at last. By the time I publish this post, the game should already be downloadable from there. Amazon Appstore will follow in nearby days as soon as the Amazon review process has approved the app.

To open Google Play to download the full version, click here.

To open Google Play to download the free trial version, click here.

If you like these kind of games, please rate "Wargames of 1939" on Google Play and/or share the app on Facebook and Twitter! Those things will help to get the game noticed and enable me to keep on creating more strategy games.

(Own blog for that game is at, from now on I'll try to post updates and such mainly to that page.)


  1. Congrats! But please no more WW2 games we have enough!

  2. Agree, find a niche time period instead, like ancient China or, to keep battle complexity, sci fi. Anyway, I only have one thing I don't understand - I've had cases where I wasn't able to reinforce a unit while it was even on the star with my units between the star and the enemy. Still it the game kept repying I have no secure connection or something. Looked much like a bug.

  3. I looked for a way to contact the author of this game - not found, so please contact me: I would be glad to hear from you.

  4. Please, can you make a new Populus Romanus game. I would really enjoy a new episode in this serie.

  5. I agree with Markus. When will you make a new game?

  6. This does not imply that there are no exceptional games accessible in Google Play; in any case, they are significantly less when contrasted with link