Saturday, September 15, 2012

Update 1.4.1 released, adds difficulty levels

Populus Romanus v1.4.1 is now released on Google Play. Amazon Appstore will follow up in 1-2 weeks when the new version is approved. The new version adds difficulty level settings: there is now easy, normal and hard variant for each scenario. Also, scenario #6 (Adriatic coast) is made somewhat easier based on feedback from several players.


  1. This is good news!
    Does the original difficulty corresponds to "Normal" in the new scale?
    Or has the whole difficulty/AI changed?

    Anyway, I'm starting the game all over again in Hard!

  2. First campaign on "Normal" level is pretty much the same as the original, except for two scenarios. #6 (Adriatic coast) "Normal" level is easier than it used to be. Old one is the "Hard" difficulty in current version. #8 (Punic war) was also made slightly easier, but not very much.

    As the second campaign was overall far too easy for the veterans of the first campaign, the "Easy" difficulty in Hannibal scenarios now equals to what the difficulty used to be originally. "Normal" is somewhat more difficult than that, and "Hard" is hopefully challenging enough.

    I might tweak these difficulty levels still a bit in future. I was a bit unsure whether easy is now easy enough, and if hard is sufficiently different than normal ... hopefully they are! If not, I'll fix. :-)

  3. Wicked game. Well done to the developer.
    Would it be possible a Popolus Romanus 3: Middle East? Not even the pc game "Imperium Civitas" talks about middle east.

  4. I really enjoy this game. Just finished the two scenarios on normal and I'm looking forward to the challenge on hard. Happy to hear you're working on some new scenarios as well, keep up the great work!

  5. Well done sir! This is an awesome game.

  6. Just finished both campaigns in Hard!
    That was challenging enough for me and I shead a tear each time I lost an elite praetorian/elephant/... to the enemy.

    The Sicily mission gave me a sweat. I could not avoid engaging both enemies at the same time, and taking Syracuse and that damn river cost me dearly!
    I finally found it easier not to follow the "generals advice" and leave the Greeks in peace at the beginning, concentrating on the first 2 carthaginian towns to the west; then using them to heal units before pushing the attack further.

    Well to make it short, I had fun!
    I am looking forward to Britannia and/or new scenarios.
    I would also love to see the possibility to keep a couple of those elite units from one mission to the next.

    1. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but the easiest way to win Sicily is to declare war on your Ally and use his city to repair your troops.