Sunday, March 11, 2012

Version 1.3.0 released

Version 1.3.0 released, with the following bugfixes/improvements/feature requests implemented:

- Added setting to allow/disallow screen dimming
- Added setting to enable/disable a player color marker under units (disabled by default)
- Town names are now displayed always (including when under fog of war)
- Small villages have their own graphics now (seen in Hannibal campaign)
- Rule adjustment: Failed skirmishing has now 50% chance of hurting the skirmisher
- Minor bugfixes for savegame handling (skirmished enemy units don't lose skirmish status prematurely)
- Performance enhancements for Android 2.2 and later (2.1 is unaffected)
- AI performance optimizations (should be now somewhat faster on maps with larger distances between armies)
- Fixed one more rare Force Close issue

Version 1.3.0 is initially available on Google Play (Android Market), with Amazon Appstore version following up in nearby days if/when Amazon QA is passed.


  1. Town names are not present in Hannibal campaigns. not sure if this is intentional.
    No bridges are present in new scenario test.
    Thanks for updates!

  2. I probably expressed myself somewhat unclearly last night when making the release :) The actual towns that have names, have their names displayed always. The smallest villages (where you can't recruit additional troops) that don't have any names, naturally don't have anything displayed.

    Rhone crossing scenario doesn't have bridges over the river, as the battle took place in a location that wasn't so populated as to have much infrastructure (according to descriptions of the battle, the carthaginians had to cross the river with small boats). I'll write this info to the scenario description.

  3. Do the villages heal or just add defence?

  4. The villages heal in version 1.2.1. I'm looking forward to getting 1.3.0 on Kindle Fire. Just left you a nice 5-star review on Amazon.

    Request: Ability to toggle 'auto-center' feature off--I don't like have the highlighted unit jump to the center of the screen, makes choosing movement more difficult, especially for cavalry and chariot units.

  5. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but longbowmen skirmishing from a distance can still be hit back and lose health.

    Great game; keep up the good work.