Sunday, October 23, 2011

Populus Romanus released

Hello, world.

This is the blog for "Populus Romanus", a turn-based strategy game with the main campaign set in the age of the early Roman republic. The game runs on Android platform, runs on Android versions 2.1 and later, and supports multitouch and hardware accelerated OpenGL ES graphics. All screen sizes and resolutions are supported.

The game will be available for download on Android Market shortly. Download links will be posted in the next blog post.

To give a glimpse of what the game is about, a few screenshots probably already explain more than a blogful of words. These first shots are from a phone with 3.5 inch 800x480 screen. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge.

Typical game view, zoomed in

Game view, zoomed out a bit

Game view, zoomed out more...

Game view, max zoom out

Building units in a town

Attacking enemy unit

Help feature within the game

Here is also one shot from a tablet with high resolution screen:

Game view on a tablet

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